Saturday, April 23, 2011


genre :experimental / ambient black metal
similar bands : A Forest Of Stars, Shining (NO), Sleeping Peonies
origin : France
strong spot : arrangements, compositions, originality, innovation
weak spot : production is sometimes a bit more raw than it should

For some reasons I don't know, I considered this album mediocre when I was first acquainted with it. I gave it a few more spins now and I have to thank Thornspire for recommending me to do so. Well, Murmuure are sometimes unbelievably beautiful and unexplainably intriguing.  Most of the times nothing is really audible and yet the sound result is so original and captivating. The band equally shares its inspiration between experimental BM and ambient music. The synth sounds they use are really fitting and they manage to create soundscapes that are not familiar even to an experienced ear. I really don't know if they use vocals or if they use drums, or even guitars and bass because everything is put to the blender and everything sounds like part of a whole. And the whole is really abstract but beautiful.

9,4  out of 10 goatheads 

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Friday, April 15, 2011


genre : symphonic black/death
similar bands :  Hollenthon, Transcending Bizarre?, Dimmu Borgir
origin :Greece
strong spot : arrangements, compositions
weak spot : almost nothing

Septicflesh are definitely  the best composers in the extreme metal scene according to my opinion. So, their new album had no chance of being mediocre. Once again they have created a dark monstrosity, a piece of art for the open minded and the ones in love with music. It is less catchy than ''Communion'' and I have to congratulate the band for this. After the huge success of  ''Communion'' they didn't commercialize their music even more but they used new elements, new chord progressions, new moods. ''The Great Mass'' is another step forward for the band, maybe one of the best bands ever in the extreme scene.

9,5  out of 10 goatheads 

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