Monday, December 26, 2011

HELHEIM - Heiðindómr ok mótgang (2011)

 genre : melodic/viking black
similar bands : Kampfar, Iskald, Windir, Taake
origin : Norway
strong spot : songwriting
weak spot : nothing obvious

At times blasting, at times pompous, at times serene, this is a viking black metal album whose melodies were made to haunt you. Standard tremolo picking black metal at first listen, it unveils an exeptional beauty after more thorough listens due to its clever songwriting. Epic melodies, themes that stick to your mind, sudden and successful changes of tempo, grandiose symphonic samples and a really diverse vocalist yield in one of the best viking/pagan black metal albums I have heard the last years.

9 out of 10 goatheads

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


genre :  black metal
similar bands : Satyricon, Enslaved
origin : Germany
strong spot : cover
weak spot : lacks diversity and identity

Klabautamann's previous album ''Merkur'' is what I would call a ''classic'' album. It was one of these albums where your jaw drops and you can not pinpoint a single flow. I was very excited to hear that Klabautamann have a new album on the way. After a dozen of spins in my mp3 player, this is not an album for a 6,5 as I first thought. It is much better than the average mid tempo black since it includes some really beautiful progressive elements. The tracks are solid, every part is nicely combined with the part that succeeds it and there are no filler tracks or parts. I am now sure it is very close to 8,5.

  8,5 out of 10 goatheads