Friday, November 11, 2011


genre : experimental black
similar bands :  Solefald, Damned Spirits' Dance, The kovenant
origin : Hungary
strong spot : originality
weak spot :nothing too obvious
Thy Catafalque's ''Roka Hasa Radio'' was really one of the best black metal albums I have ever heard in my short life.So, once again, the expectations were dangerously high. ''Rengeteg'' is very similar to its predecessor, it is actually the twin album of ''Roka Hasa Radio'': the production is the same, the drums and guitars sound, the songwriting very similar etc. This is not bad,  the band has established a personal mark and works it over developing it. The mixture of black metal, industrial sounds and folk atmosphere/melodies (without the actual use of folk  instruments) is again stunning and highly original. I don't get the lyrics but I very easily sneak into the dreamy world of the Hungarian combo every time I listen to their music. I still prefer their debut since it included some really incredible tracks and parts but ''Rengeteg'' is an excellent follow-up.

9,1 out of 10 goatheads 
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