Saturday, August 27, 2011


genre : extreme progressive metal
similar bands : Dream Theater, Haken, Ihsahn
origin : Norway
strong spot : cover, songwriting, vocals, technical performance
weak spot : I would prefer much more growls

Leprous' debut was one of the most promising debuts I came across since I started this blog. Therefore,you can understand my curiosity about this one, their 2nd album, which I really enjoyed to its last moment. Leprous have turned to more progressive paths with ''Bilateral'' but their music is still powerful, passionate and easy to grasp. The performance of the whole combo and especiall the vocalist is ideal and there is not a single filler  track. Clever songwriting, diverse arrangements, non-common melodies. If I had to compare it to their debut? hmmm, I am sure the new album will appeal to more fans, especially the progressive ones but when coming to musical essence and songwriting I would rate their debut slightly higher.
9 out of 10 goatheads 

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011


genre :modern heavy metal
similar bands : Iron Maiden, Sonata Arctica
origin : Norway
strong spot : nothng obivous
weak spot : songwriting is ridiculous(some songs are to laugh at), tracks sound the same, vocals are extremely boring

Well here we have the latest project by the ex-clean vocalist of the legendary blackmetallers Dimmu Borgir. Highly anticipated? yes, Worth the wait? No... Everything here is at least mediocre...hmmm mediocre is not the right word. Bad? yes bad, everything here is very poorly done, the production, the songwriting, the cover etc etc This is the definition of a bad album. Other reviewers referred to this album as prog rock or prog metal. I totally disagree, there is nothing progressive here, the compositions are simple and boring, the performance below average, the style quite common and by no means innovative or experimental. Last but not least, Mr Simen Haestnes' singing is totally messed up. The guy has a great voice but in most of the songs he sings in a single octave and this sounds annoying and tiring.Voice dynamics are almost absent.

2,5 out of 10 goatheads 

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Sunday, August 14, 2011


 genre : post-black metal (experimental and avant-garde influences)
similar bands : Oder Arcarum, Isengard, Fen, Kerbenok
origin : Sweden
strong spot : riffs
weak spot : clean vocals could be better, songwriting could be more solid

The Swedish combo released two (!) albums this year from which I selected the second one to recommend here. Catchy and yet complex riffs, folk atmosphere, diverse vocals, puzzling song structures, lots of clean guitar parts, some experimental parts, all the ingredients of modern black metal are here put in the blender.

7 out of 10 goatheads 

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Saturday, August 13, 2011


genre : black metal
similar bands :Kvelertak, Satyricon, Whirling, Carcass(?)
origin : Norway
strong spot : songwriting
weak spot :nothing too obvious

Norway has the recipe, that's for sure. The Konsortium features members of Mayhem and Kvelertak as their myspace page claims. They play thrashy black metal as it should be. Cool riffs, complex structures,avant-garde touches, changes in tempo, a versatile vocalist, a somehow raw production etc etc, I guess you get the picture. Go for it...

8,8  out of 10 goatheads 

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genre :symphonic death metal
similar bands : Hollenthon, Transcending Bizarre?, Septicflesh, Hour of Penance
origin : Italy
strong spot : classical orchestrations, compositions
weak spot : nothing too obvious

Death metal in the core, classical music in the surface.As a fan of symphonic music I have to bow my head in gratitude to the almighty Fleshgod Apocalypse. The band is more symphonic than ever and I guess their hardcore death metal fans will be disappointed. But the band shows huge new potential and present an almost flawless album that I never saw it coming. Extra credits go to the drummer that plays constantly at high speeds (live performance is definitely a challenge for him since he is always around 300 bpm) and to the synth player that has done a phenomenal work. Even though there is no orchestra taking part, the sounds and the arrangements are so advanced and complex that they give the illusion of a real orchestra. Clean vocals may sound strange to some ears but in the end the result is more than satisfying. A MUST RECOMMENDATION!!

9,5  out of 10 goatheads 

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