Tuesday, November 30, 2010


genre : experimental/symphonic/doom black
similar bands : Orphaned land, Melechesh
origin : Italy
strong spot : intense ritualistic atmosphere, clever use of sitar
weak spot : production could be more solid

Kalki Avatara play a very interesting mix of ethnic music and experimental doom black. There is an almost mystic atmosphere here, this kind of tranquil atmosphere that can accompany yoga exercise (!) without  being boring. The arrangements are really advanced and the whole result is original and captivating  but too short in duration. 

8,1 out of 10 goatheads

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Sunday, November 28, 2010


genre : old school  melodic black
similar bands : Behexen, Ancient, Immortal
origin : Germany

strong spot : passionate performance
weak spot : let's be honest, we've heard this before

Even though this band is supposed to be playing old school black metal, after listening to this album they sounded more like melodic black metal to my ears. The old school elements are the vocals and the mediocre production. Overall, I liked the passionate performance of the band and some really cool BM riffs. 

7 out of 10 goatheads

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genre : melodic doom death
similar bands : Paradise Lost ,In mourning, Daylight Dies, Draconian
origin : Greece
strong spot : -
weak spot : repetition between tracks, lack of originality, brutal vocals are weak

Daylight Misery play melodic doom death the traditional way. You'll find nothing new here but nevertheless the album is a pleasant listen. Sometimes they sound like old Pradise Lost, sometimes like Draconian.

7 out of 10 goatheads

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genre : melodic doom death
similar bands : In mourning, Daylight Dies, In Vein, Paradise Lost, Anathema
origin : Chile
strong spot : songwriting, guitars production
weak spot : common chord progressions

Previous post was from Mexico, this one is from Chile..! Very good melodic doom death metal that combines clever and catchy songwrting with a very good and modern production. Even though most of the songs are slow, Mar De Grises by no means become boring. There's a sad,depressing  mood that seems to flow naturally from within their music and a tendency towards experimentation. Their sound is very close to the hybrid that nowadays is called post-metal.My only objection is the absence of unusual chord progressions, since most of the melodies used here sound quite familiar.

8 out of 10 goatheads

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genre : melodic death
similar bands : In Flames, Be'lakor
origin : Mexico
strong spot : songwriting
weak spot : drums sound is plastic

Descent melodic death metal

7,3 out of 10 goatheads

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genre : avantgarde black/death
similar bands : 
origin : France
strong spot : originality
weak spot : no essence here, just the will to play sth different

This album received tons of praising reviews since it was released a month ago or so. Personally I found it quite boring. There is no balance between descent songwriting and experimentation. The band seems to emphasize on playing differently but completely forgets that music is not a race of innovation but a race of musical composition and songwriting. Here we have atonal riffs, then again more weird atonal riffs, then again atonal riffs and then maybe some descent riffs or descent bizarre melodies. For me, this is the perfect example of hype. Once some people praise an album, the others follow and the hype is created. No tune,riff or melody can stick to the listener's ear apart from minor exceptions (i.e. the last track )

6,5 out of 10 goatheads

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Monday, November 15, 2010


genre : avantgarde, progressive black
similar bands : Arcturus, Borknagar, Vulture Industries, Enslaved
origin : Norway
strong spot : originality
weak spot : some terribly cheesy vocals in the track ''Tittentattenteksti'', production is mediocre

The new album from Solefald is a good album. I tried to listen to it multiple times but I can't say much about it. I am not sure what, but something is missing here. Maybe their style remained the same over the years and their bizarre music doesn't impress me anymore. None of the tracks is a masterpiece, none of the musical passages is groundbreaking. Yet, there are lots of good tracks that carry the band's distinctive mark and lots of good riffs and melodies.

8,2 out of 10 goatheads

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Saturday, November 6, 2010


genre : symphonic/avant-garde/progressive black
similar bands : Dimmu Borgir, Mirrorthrone, Arcturus, King Diamond, Cradle of Filth
origin : Greece
strong spot : songwriting, production, vocals
weak spot : nothing is weak here

Guys, we have a REVELATION here!!! Transcending Bizarre?'s debut was a descent album, their ''Serpent's Manifolds''(2008) album was amazing, but this one is one of the best symphonic/avant-garde releases ever (according to my opinion only). This album combines the haunting atmosphere of an old King Diamond's album with the grandiose of Dimmu Borgir and the avant-gardism of Arcturus. You may call it progressive at parts (the performance of the band is extraordinary) you may call it post-modern black (some parts are complex and innovative). Even though it is a very diverse album, every song sounds like part of a solid whole, the album is a concept album after all (parts are repeated throughout the whole album). Last but not least, an unearthly children choir is used in most of the songs and Bjornar from Vulture Industries sings in the track ''The Empire of Mind''. Definitely the BEST album of the year in this genre (slightly better than Carach Angren)!!!

9,6 out of 10 goatheads

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