Saturday, January 14, 2012

ALCEST - Les Voyages De L'Âme (2012)

genre : pop/ indie metal? (black metal influences)
similar bands : HIM, 30 seconds to Mars, Smashing Pumpkins
origin : France
strong spot : first track
weak spot : songwriting, harsh vocals are almost gone

Well, Alcest is the talk of the town in the black metal cycles. Their previous album gave them huge publicity and established them as kings in the shoegaze/ post black idiom. I hope this stops with their new album which by no means is black or extreme metal. My problem with Alcest is that in both their last albums, there are only 2 or 3 really f^%##ing cool tracks where the music breathes and the songwriting is clever, the rest of the tracks are usually some pop chord progressions that sound dull and naive. They have managed to sound original, their music encompasses a romantic atmosphere  that is  reminiscent of french pop songs, something unique for a band that uses distorted guitars. If only they had better songs, I would really love their albums.

7  out of 10 goatheads

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