Wednesday, March 21, 2012


genre : avant-garde/progressive/extreme metal 
similar bands : Solefald, Unexpect
origin : Slovakia
strong spot : songwriting
weak spot : lyrics are not in English ( but I personally like them)

When I first read about Lunatic Gods I said ''No way,  I am not digging them, I am bored with all these mind-fucking avant-garde bands, I had a lot of Unexpect and Diablo Swing Orchestra the last couple of years''. But fortunately as soon as I listened to the first track, I realized this is not the case of another typical avant-garde band. First of all, I found the Slovakian language quite charming even though I don't have a clue about the themes the lyrics deal with. Second, the songwriting is solid as hell, everything seems to be calculated, no part seems out of place as in lots of avantgarde bands. Additionally, the tracks last less than four minutes and do not get tiring.  Third, the production is clean and heavy. Fourth, the music is complex yet catchy and most of the melodies stick easily to your mind. Last but not least, there are no filler tracks. What more do you want? Recommended!!! 

9,1 out of 10 goatheads

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